DIY Felt Tablet Sleeve




Hello everybody and a Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas and spent some quality time with their loved ones. This Christmas I was a lucky girl and got a new tablet. Obviously number one on my to do list was to sew a case for my new baby to protect it from scratches and bumps. So let me present you this super easy and fast sewing tutorial for  your own felt tablet sleeve. You can adapt it to any sized tablet/laptop/kindle and the best part is that you can make one in under 30 minutes – so no reason to procrastinate ;)




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Christmas – DIY: Makeup Bag


Hello world,

after months of planning, preparation, collection of ideas, a lot of excitement and also a hint of fear I finally managed to create the very first blog post on Number Twelve.

I’ll begin with a little introduction: My name is Salome, I am 21 years old and am currently studying economics in Bonn, in the west of Germany. With my studies and a quite time-consuming job one might think that I am pretty busy. But those who know me know that I always find some spare time to sew. As my studies can be a little dry from time to time, sewing is the perfect diversion to unleash my creative side and forget everything around me.

One thing you will soon notice: I LOVE to sew! I love strolling through fabric stores, the moment you know you found the perfect fabric, to finish my project with thoughtful details and to know that everything I create is unique and exactly the way I want it.

It all began as a little girl. My mum is a very creative person. She can take a whole lot of nothing and make it into something. Be it any kind of handicraft like knitting, stitching, crafting or finding a way to repair things around the house, even decorations and floral arrangements on weddings were no big deal for her. She has an eye for the aesthetic, a head full of creative ideas and a good hand to realise as she envisioned. Sewing – of course – is also one of her many talents. When me and my sisters were younger my mum sewed countless clothes for us, stuffed animals (one has survived till today), bags, dresses, the list goes on and on. Guess I inherited those creative genes. Inspired by her I then began to sew my way from pillows and scarves up to my prom dress – with a great deal of sweat, tears and extreme joy on the day I finished it.

This is what Number Twelve will be about. I learned many techniques by my mom, but most of my sewing skills are self-taught, and often I had to learn it the hard way by unraveling the whole seam and repeating it till it looked the way I wanted it. For those who do not have a sewing pro/mum at hand I want to provide comprehensible and clear tutorials and DIYs for everybody to understand. I am by no means a professional seamstress but I want to show that sewing is far more easy than most would assume and that everyone is able to learn it. I have a million ideas buzzing around my head, which I cannot wait to share with you. So let’s get started!

Christmas is right around the corner (2 days to be precise) and for everyone who is still looking for a little personal gift I might have the perfect DIY: a small makeup bag. It is both easy AND quick to make. And the best part is, you can personalise it as much as you like. Wether it is for your sister, mother, your girlfriends or even yourself (you cannot have too many, am I right?), hop over to your sewing machine and let’s start!

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